E-Waste Africa is a multi ‘Award Winning’, legally compliant and environmentally ethical light bulb recycler. We offer Corporates, Government institutions and Parastatals, a number of options for light bulb recycling which include: onsite storage, collection and the heart of our business light bulb recycling. The products are further beneficiated once recycled.


E-Waste Africa prides itself in hiring and building teams centred around making an impact in sustainability, always striving to achieve a zero waste to landfill vision for numerous waste streams.


Prior to 2013, Africa lacked the necessary technology and know-how to implement a commercialised Light Bulb recycling plant. E-Waste Africa prides itself in having commissioned Africa’s first light bulb recycling plant. Which was officially opened by the Deputy Minister of the Department of Environmental Affairs, Honourable Barbara Thomson in 2014.

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E-Waste Africa offers corporates, Government institutions and Parastatals, several options for light bulb waste disposal: onsite storage, collection, crushing and the heart of our business “lamp recycling”. This offering meets four critical needs for corporate and government entities as identified above:


  • Reduction of Hazardous waste to landfill
  • Reduction of waste to landfill
  • Legally compliant
  • Able to cater towards the ban of all light bulbs to landfill
  • Environmentally Ethical


We offer a unique full-service recycling solution to clients that will ensure that they achieve:


  • Zero waste to landfill
  • Reduction in their hazardous waste
  • Fully comply with legislation and the different laws
  • On time and in full collection of stock
  • Innovative technology advancements in the field of electronic waste
  • E-Waste Africa began the collection and recovery of all light bulbs in 2014 and have since proven the collection process and proven sufficient feedstock to justify the commercialisation of the by-product streams which this project is geared towards.


Our journey began in 2013 post securing the technology and distribution rights for Balcan Engineering based in the UK, Balcan had won the Queen’s innovation award for their recycling technology. In 2014 Honourable Deputy Minister Barbara awards HH License for the first light bulb recycling in Africa and offtake agreements for by-products secured. We are motivated by competition to push us to better ourselves and grow as a company and a team, and all that hard work pays off when we become winners such as the Winner of Nedbank PCB Award: Spirit of Entrepreneurship 2016, Young Entrepreneur Of the Year: South Africa Premier Business Awards 2016, 2nd place nationally for SAB Kickstart Boost 2016, Winner of ESKOM BIC: Trade and Services and Winner at the GAP Innovation Competition: Green Category both in 2017.

Markets & Products

E-Waste Africa can offer its clients a number of options for their waste lamp problems, including onsite storage, lamp collection, lamp crushing and the heart of our business “lamp recycling”.

Our Vision

“To be a World class service provider of Environmentally Friendly Recycling Solutions in Africa”

Our Mission

To partner with our customers offering a more precise e-waste recycling solution for the African market.