E-Waste Africa prides itself on being an active member of the community as it sees the value of being an involved organization that cares about its staff, community and the environment.




Fluorescent light bulbs are widely and commonly used as an efficient and green lighting solution. Unfortunately the improper disposal of these light bulbs releases hazardous mercury gas. Companies are required by law to dispose of their used light bulbs properly and in an ethical manner to ensure sustainability measures are being met by each company. Our services take liability away from our clients as we provide a comprehensive solution which includes the necessary transportation, containers for handling, and the recycling of the bulbs.

E-Waste Africa is the first proudly South African company to have officially commissioned the award winning Balcan MP8000 bulb recycling plant in 2014, thus making us a certified market leader in our industry. E-Waste Africa also officially received its HH Waste Management license from the Department of Environment making it the first legally compliant and operational recycling facility in South Africa.

“To be a World class service provider of Environmentally Friendly Recycling Solutions in Africa”

To partner with our customers offering a more precise e-waste recycling solution for the African Market.

E-Waste Africa can offer its clients a number of options for their waste lamp problems, including onsite Storage, lamp collection, lamp crushing and the heart of our business “lamp recycling”.