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Management options for lamp waste disposal: onsite storage, collection, crushing and the heart of our business “lamp recycling”. This offering will meet three critical needs for corporate’s:

Assist in achieving zero waste to landfill targets

Lower Hazardous Waste environmental footprint

Allow industry to comply with South African legislation



Waste management with our environment in mind

We will provide Industry with a feasible, environmentally friendly, cost effective, as well as, sustainable alternative to dumping and landfill.

What we do

Onsite Storage

Spent lamps are to be kept intact wherever possible and stored in a dry locked area that minimizes any sort of lamp damage or breakage.

Any broken or damaged lamps must be stored separately in a sealed container or drum that E-Waste Africa can provide you with. These are specialised containers designed specifically for the collection of spent bulbs in which E-Waste Africa can later recycle.

Onsite Collection

E-Waste Africa has always believed that for any waste lamp recycling system to be both economically and environmentally efficient, lamps need to be crushed prior to their transportation as this reduces excess costs and eliminates further processes and delays. This is because our vehicles can then carry nearly five times more lamps than if they remain whole (a particularly important factor when lamps need to be transported over long distances as this reduces excess costs such as petrol).

Therefore, the E-Waste Africa plant have been designed to be as versatile as possible and capable of accepting all kinds and sizes of both whole and pre-crushed lamps. Our crushers, specifically designed for E-Waste Africa, can be mounted on static locations or fitted in vehicles used to collect the used light bulbs.

Onsite Crushing

The Balcan Lamp & Bulb Crushers are designed for volumes, unlike the small drum top crushers which crush one lamp at a time. The Balcan Lamp Crusher is the most cost effective way to start in the lamp recycling business as it resembles an economies of scale approach. The lamps are placed into drums where they are crushed, thereafter they can then be sent to a lamp recycler, eWaste Africa for recycling.

The Balcan Low Loaded electrically operated Lamp Crusher was first designed and produced in 1990 with the intention it should be versatile and capable of safely handling large quantities of as many types and sizes of lamps as possible whilst remaining compact and easy to use. As a result this model is able to accept handfuls of fluorescent tubes up to 2.4 meters long and ensures they are totally encased for their full length before any crushing operation can begin. The electric lamp crusher is able to accept all other types of lamps up to 10cm in diameter. There is also a special adaption which allows it to accept low energy compact fluorescent lamps (CFL bulbs) into the chute instead of through the normal loading gate. This adaption also allows large circular diameter tubes to be crushed through the system.


Safe recycling of all light bulbs by removing Mercury from the air (through Activated Carbon Filters) using award winning Internationally recognised Technology.
See Recycling Technology.

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